[PAST ARCHIVE] Dance & Improv music : Lucia Tong & Mikey Kirkpatrick


 Performed 21st November 2008 for our first solo show. Involved making a cup of tea.


Bound to Blossom is a duet between Lucia Tong and Mikey Kirkpatrick. First perfomed in Nov. 2008 as a part of a OtherAsia’s Group Exhibition in Nolia’s Gallery, London. Beginning with an hour long installation performance art piece, the two characters are first seen preparing in front of a mirror.  The geisha sits in front of the mirror examining her face as she carefully whitens her face with make up while the client stands arranging his clothes. The two characters then play out roles from a geisha house with the geisha serving the client tea, changing his shoes for slippers, dancing and playing music. The 15-minute piece which follows begins with the client playing the flute and the geisha dancing. As the music intensifies, the dancing also becomes more chaotic as the two characters draw closer to one another. The client rips off the geisha’s belt causing her to twirl into madness and eventually resulting in her screaming silently and violently rubbing off her make-up under the glow of a bright light. 


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Contemporary Dance and Improvised music


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