A day-long festival of zines, artist books, comics, artists-run spaces, talks, films, animation, poetry, video art, exhibitions, workshops - the spirit of independence, autonomy & alternatives.

This year alongside the main festival there will be a programme of events and a special 3 week exhibition, #DIYJustice, which will take place in the Cafe Gallery from 22nd May to 12th June, produced and curated by Hamja Ahsan & Helena Wee of Other Asias, and Sofia Niazi of OOMK Zine. 

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2015 Zine Fair Exhibitors 
OOMK Zine, Other Asias, Decoloniality London, Diaspora Drama Zine, Variant Space, Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable, Numbi- Scarf Mag, Anomalie, Avery Hill Publishing, Bearguts, Beatriz Sanches, Becky Kidner, Ben Rider, Black & Blue, Black Lodge Press, Cool Schmool Zines, Dirty Rotten Comics, Editions of You, Edén Barrena, Gareth Brookes, Gemma, Molly and Reiss, Hanecdote, Hannah Prebble, Hayley Fiddler, Interaction Design students, Juicy Records, Julie R Kane, Kate Rolison, Kingston Uni Illustrators, Kirsty Fife, Lindsay Draws, Mar Rubio, Marco Brunello, Mark Pawson, The Photocopy Club and Doomed Gallery, Thunderbolt Comics UK, Mike Medaglia, Minesweeper Collective, One Beat Zines, Parallel Magazine, Black Eye Press, Philippe Fenner, Querstret, Rudy Loewe, Ryan Humphrey, Saskia Rankin, Sender Brocken, Shed Press Publications, Sky Nash, Sophie Slater/ Birdsong, Stinky Bear Press, Teresa Ferreiro, The Chapess, The Lime Collective, TINY PENCIL, Uddin & Elsey, Valley Cruise Press, Vampire Sushi Distro, Wobbly Rock, Working Women, Isabel Greenberg, Dimitri Pieri, SE15, Paper and Ink, Kirstie Melissa, Kirsty Fife, Keara Stewart, Kellie Huskisson, Joel Millerchip, Ewan Aparicio, Dead Trees and Dye, Caroline Cesareo. 

Communal Zine Shop: DUPE, Panda Gordo, International Monster Unit, Kirsten Tambling, Marcelina Amelia, Takako Kuwahara, Blop ShopFrances Carbines, Gums and Tongue Zine, Mariya Ustymenko, Sophie Leigh, Upstream and Me, Fang-Jui Chang, Silvia Carrus, Sloveig, Sarah Murphy, Paradezines, Peony Gent, Phillip Hunt, House of Astbury, Robert Daniels, Mark Beechill, Doomtube,Elizabeth Salazar,Evangelos Androutsopoulos, Francesca-Ricci (20x20), Helen Vine, Ioan Morris,Jacq Applebee, Jonah Haffner, Alexandra Cook, Carolyn Storey, Chia-Ying Lin, Chung Yan Chan.

Duriana Climate Delegation (2014 - )


Fossil-fuelled human societies have radically transformed the contents and chemistry of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, some far more than others. Right now, all organisms face the impact of changes in climate which will inevitably amplify and complicate with time, procrastination and the protection of narrow interests.

Duriana Climate Delegation is an art exhibition to provoke imaginations curated by Other Asias. It explores the daring science and diplomacy of the People’s Republic of Duriana through its participation in this winter’s UN Climate Summit in Peru.  Having negotiated decolonisation, Duriana’s approach deals with awkward matters of race, knowledge politics and history too readily jettisoned for a fundable position at the negotiating table.  Its socially and ecologically unifying welfare principles and actions push back against the supremacist structures* which continue to weaken (non)humans, whilst making new forms of climatic violence possible. 

Making a break in their journey to Peru, the Climate Summit Delegation, led by President Captain Izzet BangBang, technologist Pradip Yogiki and granddaughter-of-the-nation Ping Delima Puteri, will stop off in London. Here they will hold a rally for their local supporters and a press conference, to launch a subversive poster campaign targeting Most Depraved Carbon Emitters, and a Decolonial Delegation Pack for all the family.

The delegates’ very own news agency, The Nature-Culture Times (NCT), will be reporting on their conference shenanigans for the duration of the proceedings

Artists, architects, geographers, writers, performers, educators, scientists and all concerned are invited to participate in this project and get in touch with The Secretariat in the first instance over email on durianaclimatedelegation@gmail.com or through @DurianaClimate on Twitter. 

Visit www.asiaelects.tumblr.com for previous work on Duriana’s Presidential elections.

 * e.g. nature-as-man’s-dominion, race, coloniality, capital, gender.. 

Other Asias is nominated for an Al Hamra Award for the Excellence in the Arts - the results will be announced on 25th March 2013
at a special awards ceremony with Muslim News
Construction Gallery 
Private View: Thursday 8 March 2012
7pm to 9pm
74 - 80 Upper Tooting Road, London SW17 7PB
Gallery open: 12 noon - 7 pm, Wednesday to Sunday
Helena Wee, Other Asias Associate Artist, at Construction Gallery

A sound piece Strings (2005) by Helena Wee is inspired by the unseen patterns in the everyday rhythms, structures and movement of our lives. Strings deconstructs the Prelude to Bach's Cello Suite No.1 by randomly swapping blocks of frequencies within the piece using Fast Fourier Transform. “Maybe all we are is a collection of tiny vibrating strings of energy. Elegant symphonies of randomness and chaos, each movement varying in tone and colour".

Helena Wee is an Other Asias Associate Artist whose work appeared in Current 1:InFormation and A Cup of Tea Solves Everything. She is also part of the Other Asias Zine Circle and made the Chang - E Starchart



OtherAsias Co-director Hamja Ahsan in currently involved in Construction Gallery Project Space in Tooting, from January to March 2012. Hamja was born, grew up & lives in Tooting. His event:


Tooting Zine & Artists Books Fair 2012

Saturday 25th February, 12pm - 6pm

Construction Gallery, 74-80 Upper Tooting Road, London SW17 7PB, United Kingdom

Tube: Tooting Bec (then 2 mins walk)       FREE, all welcome

Email: tootingzines@gmail.com

The Construction Gallery ( constructiongallery.co.uk ) will be hosting the Tooting’s 1st Zine Fair on Saturday 25th February 2012!  Zines, artists books, illustrators, comics and critical writing will be exhibited from locally-based artists and all around the world including Pakistan, Russia, Siberia, Egypt and China. The day long event will include workshops, exhibitions, animation & video art screenings.

Admission is free.

Tooting Zine & Artists Books Fair :


Alternative Press, Girls Get Busy, Walrus Zines, Shebang, Other Asias, Tom Cass- Financially Hard Times, TINAG/Myrdle Court Press, Emma Falconer, Decadence Comics, Nichol Keene, Vampire Sushi, She Bang, Red Robin Press, Just Design Collective, Nanae Kawahara, Monster Emporium Press, Microcosmic Orbit, Eyeball Comics, Cressida Knapp, Partisan Zines, Siberian Zines, Elliott Baggott, Jasmine Fung, Very Small Kitchen, Whirly gig distro, Melanie Maddison, Vapid Kitten, Jasmine Fung, Susan Mortimer, Partisan Siberia.

The Zine Fair was initiated by two Tooting-based artists Hamja Ahsan and Sowfia Niazi.
Ahsan and Niazi have been active in the current revivial of interest in Zine culture, participating in recent Zine Fairs across the UK. The two wanted to bring Zine subculture to to address the lack of arts events in the local area, as part of the team running the Construction gallery.  

Hamja Ahsan, of Bangladeshi origin, runs a transnational artists collective called Other Asias, who will feature in the event. Sowfia Niazi, of Pakistani origin, recently published a zine on Hijabs and featured in Micah gallery’s Britpak exhibition and the Artistic Jihad touring exhibition. She is part of the Walrus Zines collective.

The event is part of Tooting Tales literary event held in Brick Box at Tooting Market.

Construction Gallery: https://constructiongallery.co.uk/

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/251343718274031/

For posters / flyers & press images please contact us : tootingzines@gmail.com


Hamja will be delivering a talk and screening at Castlefield Gallery in Manchester in 2012. More details to follow.




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