Advanced Indieclub Practice

What has All Tommorows Parties got to do with Frieze magazine? Do you fancy they might cover the new Akram Khan festival of classical South Asian music... hmmmm....


...the whitey artworld cliques all begin here...


Example of contemporary Advanced Indieclub practice in Dominic Fox's Cold World (2009):


Let us now take a musical example: “The White Birch”, 
the third and final album by the now largely forgotten 1990s 
Sub Pop band Codeine. Codeine played a deeply mournful 
music, impressively slowly. When their original drummer 
left the band, they reputedly had great difficulty in 
auditioning for another who could play consistently at their 
speed. Most drummers would succumb sooner or later to the 
urge to inject some life into the proceedings by speeding up, 
getting louder or introducing additional flourishes and fills. 
(Drummers are not known for their asceticism). The 
dynamics of Codeine’s music were the physics of its world: a 
world in the grip of entropy, in which everything is running 
down. The title of their first album, “Frigid Stars” captured 
both the glacial brilliance of Codeine’s sound ...


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