CURRENT: GLOBAL HOUSE VIDEO ART SCREENINGS (Debut: Gwangju Kunsthalle, South Korea, 8pm 23rd & 24th August ) International Tour 2011 Venues & Times TBC

 CURRENT: GLOBAL HOUSE VIDEO ART SCREENINGS (Debut: Gwangju Kunsthalle, South Korea, 8pm 23rd & 24th August ) International Tour 2011 Venues & Times TBC

This video art and experimental short film programme will be touring International across continents - venues, dates, TBC - touring nations will include China, Bulgraia, Romania, LA and New York USA, Pakistan, Austrailia, New Zealand, and UK London soon...

Instigated and co-curated by Hamja Ahsan. Also features Jihoi Lee and Naeem Mohaiemen who features in the first Other Asias exhibition in 2008 and subsequent publications and events.

Will feature inside in the Gwangju Biennale 2011 in the seminar screening space.

23rd & 24th August 2011 - GLOBAL HOUSE VIDEO ART SCREENINGS - Gwangju Kunsthalle, 8pm


Hamja Ahsan selected Mehreen Murtaza, Zeeshan Younis, Hammad Khan. 

The 3rd Gwangju ICC - all of us and all personally - invite you to the GLOBAL HOUSE VIDEO SCREENINGS, which we put together last minute for the KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU. As each of the participating curators selected video works, the program has become very varied and includes videos by 43 artists from 23 countries.  
The screening program will be shown on tuesday and wednesday 8 pm. 

MOVIE NIGHT VOL. 4: GLOBAL HOUSE VIDEO SCREENINGSKUNSTHALLE GWANGJU13 Gwangsan-dong Dong-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea tue 23 aug · 8 pm; wed 24 aug · 8 pm Curated by the 3rd Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course   GLOBAL HOUSE at Kunsthalle Gwangju presents a selection of  video works by 43 young and established artists from across the world. Unfolding in 2 consecutive evenings, the screenings give insights into various artistic approaches to contemporary societies and art production itself. GLOBAL HOUSE is organized by 25 curators from 19 countries who came together in Gwangju for the 3rd edition of the Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course.   Artists: Ivan Argote (Colombia), Yossi Atia & Itamar Rose (Israel), Elizabeth Axtman (USA), Stuart Bailey (Australia), Pauline Bastard (France), Julie Bena (France), Irina Botea (Romania), Aline Bouvy and John Gillis (Luxembourg & Belgium), Eduardo Chachucho (South Afrika), Chen Chenchen (China), Alejandro M. J. Crawford (USA), FAMED (Germany), Bérengére Henin (France), Hugo Hopping (USA), Nadine Hutton (South Afrika), Ise Parking Project (Malaysia), Joan Jonas (USA), Eleni Kamma (Cyprus), Hammad Khan (Pakistan), Leila Michelle Khastoo (USA), Shigeyuki Kihara (New Zealand), Sylbee Kim (South Korea, Germany), Christine Kirouac (Canada), Jihoi Lee (South Korea), Adrien Lucca (France), Jill Magid (USA), Lilly McElroy (USA), Li Ming (China), Naeem Mohaiemen (Bangladesh, USA), Ciprian Muresan (Romania), Katrina Neiburga (Latvia), Ma Qiusha (China), Kurt Ralske (USA), Alan Schaffer (Spain), Sebastian Stumpf (Germany), Abdullah M. I. Syed (Pakistan), Edward Thomasson (UK), Diego Tonus (Italy), Xu Wang (China), Ma Yongfeng (China), Zeeshan Younis (Pakistan), Cheng-ta Yu (Taiwan), Chang Yuchen (China) Mehreen Murtaza (Pakistan)
  Curators of 3rd Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course:  Hamja Ahsan, Rodolfo Andaur, Devrim Bayar, Fabienne Bideaud, Caroline Dumalin, Johanna Ferrer Gukdager, Rosemary Forde, Susanne Husse, Tianyue Jang, Sumbul Khan, Leila Khastoo, Snejana Krasteva, Stephen Matijcio, Ute Meta Bauer, Vera Arunee Mey, Maya Mikelsone, Yujin Min, Isabelle Le Normand, Pietro Rigolo, Anca Rujoiu, Nana Seo Eun A, Boliang Shen, Stephanie Sykes, Guy Tangros, Jeonsung Yang


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