Developmentia - Current 7

Developmentia - Current 7

A tool to understand and negotiate the conditions and relations created by the invocation of development, by its prosecutors and target subjects, not to mention those caught in the cross fire.  

Developmentia explicitly describes an institutionalised psychology that inhibits human uplift like a paralysing societal smog.  Its methods are deeply inscribed and transdisciplinary.  Camoflaged in civility, powerful and persuasive, we shoe that these methods are quite resistable, whether co-option, (voluntary) internship, science, technocracy, waste and strategic misdirection.

This current, which is a joint production from IMASE and OtherAsias, offers living collage of developmentia in politics, learning, statescraft, consumerism, war and religion. 

The tumblr blog was commenced in 2011, followed by a zine published in 2013  and informs Asia Elects and Duriana Climate Delegation projects.



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