[PAST/ ARCHIVE] Exhaustion and Exuberance - Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK. Saturday 10 September 2011, 12–9pm

[PAST/ ARCHIVE] Exhaustion and Exuberance - Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK. Saturday 10 September 2011, 12–9pm


Exhaustion & Exuberance
Saturday 10 September, 12–9pm

This day long ESP event invites innovative artists and groups from across the UK to Eastside Projects to share knowledge and exchange ideas about notions of success and survival.

Platform– a series of actions, productions and minglings throughout the day from: Outpost (Norwich), Tether or Sixes & Sevens (Nottingham), Bristol Diving School, (Bristol) The Royal Standard (Liverpool), Other Asias (London), Workplace (Newcastle), Castlefield (Manchester), Open Empty Spaces (Cardiff), Aid & Abet (Cambridge)  Plus:- The Lombard Method’s infamous falafel stand, BAZ, Grand Union and An Endless Supply
Publication Launch
Soon All Your Neighbours Will Be Artists
Featuring the work of:
Chris Barr, Ellen Bell, Ross Birrell & David Harding, Olaf Breuning, Andrew Crawford White, Michael Dean, Carwyn Evans, Alistair Gentry, S Mark Gubb, Folke Koebberling & Martin Kaltwasser, Low Profile, Heather & Ivan Morison, Jonathan Mosley & Sophie Warren with Can Altay, random people, Emily Speed
Eds: An Endless Supply, Chloe Brooks, Clare Thornton, CJ Mahony, David Kefford, Samuel Hasler, Melissa Hinkin, Jim O'Raw
Discussion: Exhaustion & Exuberance: A (Re)negotiation
“This inextricable ambivalence between what you want and expect of yourself and what others want and expect from you is probably one of the hardest puzzles for anyone who works both creatively and on demand to solve.”
Jan Verwoert, Exhaustion & Exuberance: Ways to defy the pressure to perform (written for Sheffield 08: Yes, No and Other Options). 
Taking the essay Exhaustion & Exuberance: Ways to defy the pressure to perform by Jan Verwoert (written for Sheffield 08: Yes, No and Other Options), as a starting point for thinking, and framed by major cuts to public funding on the arts, this discussion invites Will Bradley and Jeanne Van Heeswijk, charied by Angela McRobbie to unpick the themes of the text and offer personal insight and concrete examples of ‘success’.
What are precarious conditions and how can you resist them?
When do you start considering your practice as your work?
Does the arts reliance on free labour set a false standard of integrity?
Does the pressure to perform mitigate the possibility of failure?
Does the production of artwork need to be redefined given the reduction in support from institutions?
What would it mean to resist the need to perform?
Are the forms of agency that we commonly associate with resistance not modes of high performance themselves?
Annexinema screening
Annexinema is a peripatetic, not-for-profit arts organization, which focuses on the screening and performance of visionary and experimental artists’ work in sound and the moving image.
They are interested in creating spaces for play and activity outside of traditional institutional (art) structures, in finding common ground between potential audiences and communities, and in the idea of cinema as a social phenomenon. Thay are interested in nurturing collaboration and cross-pollination between art-related practices, incorporating screenings, installations, performances and live music. 

Liz Rowe
ESP Co-ordinator


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