[PAST/ARCHIVE]: Friends of Design gig - 17th September 2011 - 8pm

[PAST/ARCHIVE]: Friends of Design gig - 17th September 2011 - 8pm


Vendranath Vanguard play gig as Friends of Design with Fuad Ali (Core Researcher of Other Asias) at 17th September 2011 - as part of Numi night

Venue: Rich Mix, London 7pm.

35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA - 020 7613 7490

Tube: Liverpool Street 


For tickets and full line-up, please proceed to - https://www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/numbi-art-film-music-and-spoken-word-from-the-diaspora

For updates of the days programme stay tuned to the Numbi Pop up page, events and kuduarts.org. The event also features Steph Newell - the co-director of "A Cup of Tea Solves Everything". Kinsi Abdullah has also featured on one of Other Asias radio session and will be working on the future Afro-Asia Congress current.


Art Film, Music & Spoken Word from the Diaspora

NUMBI live shows are a series of cross-cultural events from the Diaspora. The programme aims to bring a visible African Diaspora especially Somali cultural presence into London's landscape through collaborations and cultural dialogue.

NUMBI will include music, spoken word, dance, visual arts and electronic media (Film) (this event will be the main Launch of  'Scarf' kudu arts cross cultural magazine) elements. NUMBI is influenced and inspired by traditional and contemporary Somali culture as well as the fusion of forms created by  artists from the Somali diaspora and those collaborating with them.

Much of the work will rely less on language, aiming to make NUMBI accessible to diverse participants and audiences. The elements of Somali and English spoken word will be based on common linguistic experiences of the Somali diaspora and we are very proud to have been working this year in partnership with the poetry translation centre who have translated the work of two very talented Somali poets to English and their work will be performed for the first time at this event.

The principal artists include Faysal Aw-Cabdi and Caasha-Luul Maxamuud and many more.

Featuring special guest: 
Ubax Cristina Ali Farah


Jaz Kahina

Seeds of Creation
The Friends of Design 
Siemy Di Sestem 
Max Boufathal 
Dame K
Faysal Aw-Cabdi Cambalaash 
Caasha-Luul Maxamuud

Nikki Lucas 
Oli Hurez Macallow

Spoken word and performance:

Asma Guenem
Nathalie Mba Bikoro
Elmi Ali 
Chinwe Azubuike
Sam Elmi
Steph Newell

Music: DJ Nikki Lucas, DJ Oli

Numbi  music Jam featuring  guests  Macallow, The Seeds of Creation,  Frends of Designe, Siemy Di Sestem.

Mixed media, performance, visual artists: Max Boufathal,  Nathalie Mba Bikoro, Kinsi Abdulleh.

Kudu Arts kuduarts.org


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