Munira-culturalism is summed by a pertinent observation of Arun Kundani: "For every mention of institutional racism, we have heard a thousand references to the 'crisis of multiculturalism'" Named in honour of Munira Mirza - now recieving a £80K salary to be Boris Johnson "race advisor". In the self-conscious bubble comfort of Theoryworld, Rey Chow compares Multiculturalism to "fascism". yes. repeat. fascism. Richard Hylton Diversity policies to "Aparthied". Yes. repeat. "Aparthied". Any mention of unthinking Euro-centrism, opening up historical narratives, parity and inequality, regional domination or culture's collusion with imperial domination remain sidelined. A generation of Euro-chauvanist white academics quote Zizek "...cultural logic of advanced capitalism" with ever-so smug faces....





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