New Game : Cowboys & Iranians


[New Game] Cowboys and Iranians 




Remember that game where the annihilation of the Native American civilisations is celebrated through child's play?

Well this better game is set to superscede its imperial bastard stepmother. Valuing courage, creativity and exercise, and more essentially, promoting a sense of agency when the powers are stacked up against you, this game is a game for justice.

Rather than genocide, zionism and colonisation, it celebrates giving the bully a wedgy, challenging the technological hegemony and paternity of the nuclear tipped west.

Bringin these narratives and values into everyday practice is important for developing life skills. We must inscribe the ummahtic situation and potential into our very flesh.

Try it out on the sprogs nearby. Consider it an Eid Present from me.

[courtesy: Fugstar ]


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