[PAST/ ARCHIVE] International Alternative Press Fair 2011- May 2011


Alternative Press Fair Workshops and Talks

Saturday 28th May - 29th May: Alternative Press Fair

A fair where artists will be exhibiting and selling their self-published comix, zines, art books, prints, radical literature and poetry, plus three rooms of workshops and talks including DIY Couture fashion and screen-printing workshops and a reading area with Zine Swap.


Saturday 28th May

- 11am - 1.30pm: Create a Zine-in-a-Day with the Awesome Footprinters Workers Co-Op from Leeds! 

Join Footprinters Workers Co-op and create a special edition zine-in-a-day. Bring along your A5 contributions or draw them during the event - don't forget the margins! Finished Zines will be available from 3pm with the last work taken at 1.30pm. Zines will be about £2 depending on number of pages... 


- 11a m – 1pm: "How to make a turban head band" with Rosie Martin.

DIYcouture will be running an open sewing space at the International Alternative Press Fair. We will provide printed instructions and hands-on guidance showing you how to make your own turban style hairband. You should be able to achieve this in about 20 minutes. There will be plenty of fabric for you to walk away with a stylish, handmade head piece. Sewing machines available courtesy of the Papered Parlour.

Cost: Suggested donation £2


- 1.30pm – 2.30pm: From Angoulême with Love! International Alternative Comics

How have alternative comics evolved and where are they heading next? In a passionate conversation, Comica Festival director Paul Gravett, and French writer, curator, expert, and publisher of PLG, Philippe Morin discuss the growth of fanzines, small press and independent labels around the world over the last thirty years, and notably as a vital part of France's International Comics Festival.


- 3.00pm– 4.00pm: Cut and Paste Fun with Josie Long!

Make some cut and paste pages and posters with comedienne Josie Long and recite from what you've made or from any zines of your own. Over the course of the hour, Josie will also be reading from her latest zines.


Sunday 29th May

- 11am – 12pm: What is Radical about 'Radical' Printing and Publishing?

An informal discussion about the dilemmas raised when radical politics meets printing and publishing. Come along and join in the discussion: what does radical mean to you?

With: Jess Baines (radical print shops), Federico Campagna (radical publishing), Andrea Gibbons (radical publishing) and Malcolm Hopkins (radical bookshops)

For further details: www.radicalprintshops.org, www.pmpress.org https://zedbooks.co.uk, www.housmans.com


- 12.30pm – 2.30pm: Heuberger and Art is Proof Workshop

Heuberger and Art is proof are two London based collectives who use print as an integral part of their work. Join them both and learn how to set up your own DIY print space, submit work for the ARTBERGER zine and print your own copy on the day.

As well as a talk on how to get started with your own DIY press, both collectives will collaborate to make a series of screenprinted posters creating a limited edition zine, and that’s where you come in! This year they're also looking for submissions from you to be added to the zine and printed on the day. If you would like to get involved we are asking for a £5 donation. The donation will ensure you have a place at the workshop and will also allow you to submit one A5 colour image for inclusion in the zine. At the end of the workshop you will receive your own edition of the zine and the remainder will be sold at the Alternative Press Fair on Sunday.

24 spaces are available for the workshop and zine submissions. Spaces can be booked at The Art is Proof Shop.

Once booked you will receive an email that will talk you through how to submit your A5 image - the deadline for which is Wednesday 25th May at 9pm.

For more information contact mark@artisproof.com

If you would like to attend the workshop but not submit work there will be limited spaces available on the day and we will be asking for donations for ink and materials. Only those that submit work will be entitled to a free zine, though the finished zines will be on sale after the event.

Cost: £5 donation 


- 3pm – 4.30pm: Play the Anthology Game: A Whores of Mensa Experience

Comix anthologies like Stripburger play a crucial role in developing new comics talent, and launched the careers of creators like Nick Abadzis, Jessica Abel and Chris Ware. Ellen Lindner (co-editrix of the long-running Whores of Mensa) will lead you through the process of making your own anthology, while introducing you to the history of the anthology in comics.

Cupcakes will be served for a small donation. 


Entry Fee: £2

Doors to the Fair open at 10am and close at 4pm.

Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL www.conwayhall.org.uk


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