Sana Hassan

I am Pakistani; I live in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. I went to a British Secondary School. I graduated from an American University. I completed my education with an MA in Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design. I have been thus caught up in the proverbial clash of cultures, morals and values: living in places that are steeped in issues of race, religion and all the inherent politics of the Middle East and Subcontinent regions. Put in perspective with my own ‘label’ of ‘Pakistani-Muslim-woman’, un-surprisingly such issues tend to define my view of the world. Even now I am driven to be political in my work, albeit in a from-a-safe-distance kind of way.

I have always been politically minded, but usually with the desire to be active, rather then an avid supporter of any person or policy. My general reaction to politics wavers between rage, ennui and frustration. Living in an international environment, I feel I must represent my country somehow, and to me that representation requires being politically aware, and indeed active. When there is so much violence, miscommunication, extremism and intolerance, it is easy to be cynical, and apathetic. I am choosing not to be. My chosen task is to explore the historical and contemporary conflicts of ideologies through the visual culture and ‘traces’ of Pakistan.


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