The Friends of Design Debut album - £5.99

The Friends of Design Debut album - £5.99

Fernmind Unilectic is pleased to present the Friends of Design to the Nation: their debut eponymous album is now globally available at all major online music retailers.

Album cover features the Matronita occupying her four identities of water, milk, wine and honey.

Pioneers of the Suficore movement, this London-based trio employs pop sensibilities from the furthest reaches of time, reading, cultures and spirituality with goal of balancing the binary poles of Logic and Love, purifying the soul of the seeker. The first true supergroup formed of the Nation for the Nation, its talent spans the Kingdom’s furthest Western and Eastern reaches.

Lead vocals are provided by blinged out Kazakh shamaness Asela “Sally” Deen (aka the Matronita Minor), Hyperwood film star, intergalactic (meta)model and face of the Verandah Vanguard. Sally studied of Infinity and Computation in Siberia and vocal technique with the Chymkent branch of the Sarmoung Music Academy.

Production, beats and songbook are by Australian-Russo-Indonesian Tailor of the Good Garment (of Dependent Product and Halo Produkshuns fame). British Bangladeshi Geographer brings a rock sensibility to the mix with his kamilic fretwork.

The eponymous album is 16 tracks of sonic vibratory revolution, a fusion of space doo-wop, a Halalic revision of Spector’s wall of sound, perestroyka rock, Javanese gamelan, the nomadic aitys “battle-poetry” of the Kazakh steppes, Tuareg, post-Coltrane free jazz, Detroit techno and Austrian house music, glam and psychedelia. All framing lyrics tailored to set into motion an individuated, Sufic remembrance of our dependence: mantras for the modern age.


The album is available from the usual stores. Click one of the icons to purchase. (Note that the iTunes link is for the US and Napster is for the UK, but should redirect to your home country. If it fails, simply search for “the Friends of Design” in your favourite music store.)

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