BOOK: The Rainbow Connection - £10

BOOK: The Rainbow Connection - £10

The Rainbow Connection is a sexy Sufi narrative related in the style of a second person gamebook, an affectionate pastiche that makes the perfect gift for that special Gen-X seeker with a nostalgic childhood recollection of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

The book concerns the psycho-sexual journey of “you”. The book is not a normal book: it is a tree with multiple branches and endings. At key moments in the narrative, you are given choices that will determine the thread of plot to be played out. Your goal: to read and re-read, choose and choose again until you locate the “winning” ending!

“You” are a theology student, living in a distant future dystopia. The UK is now part of the Republic of the Martian Communist Revolution, a fundamentalist police state run according to an extreme literalist reading of a form of spiritual hyper-Marxism founded centuries earlier by a mysterious crypto-mystic figure known as “the Tailor of Design”.

Theological colleges serve to train young Party members in the socio–religious principles of the Republic, preparing them for positions of leadership within the various working units. Originally conceived by the Tailor as anti–institutions, they have become increasingly closer to propaganda engines, working solely to constrain flux and experimentation.

Now, however, a new revolution is on the brink of emerging, precisely from within these hallowed halls. From the kids. From you!

What is the Rainbow Connection? Who are the Dread K? How dangerous is the new street drug FNA? Will you assassinate or seek to join the dissident gnostic Hal Age? The choice is yours to make.

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About the author

Herman U. Ticz, Ph.D. is the director of the Central Asian Psychoanalytic Institute, dividing his time between its twin ashrams in London and Almaty. He has pioneered research into the realisation of the human body through the technology of Unilectic Negotiation™. His minked and blinged out oriental lover sally d is an international meta–model and hyperwood film star. Ticz is an enthusiastic exponent of Tailorite Tantricism and Vinology, a Knight of the Garter and is often followed by an admiring crowd of sisters, cousins and aunts, most of them imaginal and some of them cats (and all of them a Tablet). This is his second Determine Your Own Deviation™ novel.

About the illustrator

Purdy Ranger has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for over 15 years. Lithe, athletic, blond with penetrating steel grey eyes, both a perfect 10 and, paradoxically for a mimetic artist, a devout Muslim, she graduated with distinction in illustration from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and is, by her own admission, a performative fictional assemblage of the unconscious visual code that operates just above the internet, like a spectre.

Critical praise for “The Rainbow Connection”

“Ticz’ prose speaks to something very deep within the soul of man. It resonates with those primal archetypes, demonic or divine, that structure our very existence in the world.” Carl Jung

“A James Joyce for the rave generation.” ibn Rushd (1126-1198)

“Right now, no writer – reporter or novelist – is getting [the Zeitgeist] on paper better than Mr. Ticsz.” Pvd. Q. Q. Arnie-Adams, The Wall Street Journal

Sample story branch

What follows is a single sample gameplay, one ending out of 18 possible solutions. Purchase the complete text to play other strands of the puzzle.


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