Self-Defence is No Offence! 30th Anniversary of the Bradford 12

23rd July, Khalili Theatre, SOAS, London WC1H 0XG


SESSION  1    Legacies and lessons of the Bradford 12  11.00am-1.00pm

Chair :Shanaaz Ali  member of United Black Youth League (UBYL)in 1981

Dave Harrison  veteran anti-racist campaigner who supported Bradford 12

Amrit Wilson writer, campaigner for Bradford 12 (South Asia Solidarity Group)

Ruth Bundey  Solicitor for the Bradford 12

Tariq Mehmood , Saeed Hussain , Sabar Hussain and others from the Bradford 12 and UBYL

Gareth Peirce Solicitor for the Bradford 12

LUNCH 1.00pm-2.00pm


SESSION  2    Resisting  the  British State 2.00pm-3.45pm

Chair: Cilius Victor (Newham Monitoring Project)

Mary Pearson (Troops Out Movement)

Minkah Adofo (United Friends and Family Campaign)

Frances Webber (Barrister for the Bradford 12)

Hamja Ahsan  (Talha Ahsan campaign)

Deniz Arbet (Kurdish Community Centre)

Dan Glass (Plane Stupid and So We Stand)

Open Mike Session and Q and A


SESSION 3  Imperialism  then and now 4.00pm – 5.30pm

Chair: Naeem Malik (Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign and Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

Samarendra Das writer, filmmaker and activist from Orissa, India (South Asia Solidarity Group)

Jawad Sabah (Iraqi Democrats Against the Occupation)

Leila Khaled  - Palestine Freedom and Liberation Front (PFLP) and Palestine National Council (PNC)- Speaking  on Skype

SOCIAL 6pm to late