Vendrath Vanguard

Vendrath Vanguard

Director of Redo Pakistan 2 Commision: Jihad : A Divine Paradox

Author of Novel: The Rainbow Connection

Composer of album: Friends of Design

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 Sally Deen (aka Asel Awtad, aka the Matronita Minor) is a native Kazakh performance artist, based in London for the past 5 years. Her work concerns the realisation of True Islamic Science through liberation from the shackles of the Demiurgic/Colonial/Pharonic Mindset that has bound us for too long, for far too long. She is a graduate of Novosibirsk State University, Siberia, where she wrote her thesis on the Mathematical Structure of Infinity, and has also studied reception/bestowal waveforms and shamanic vocalization with the Sarmong School of Incorporeal Transformation, Turkestan.


Sally serves as the spokeswoman for the Verandah Vanguard, the notorious Tailorite media activist unit whose ultimate intent is the utter destruction of all idols within the Sacred House. She has consequently become most recognizable in her manifestation within the (so-called) material plane as the lead vocalist of Suficore group, the Friends of Design.


She has two ages (20 and 100) and serves within the Deen as a mother of the faithful daughters of this city, singing a lullaby of guidance, a lullaby to dry their tears, though they don't know it, though they don't hear it, in their sleep, in their visions. The perfect enunciation of the Warning rings outward from her house/jamaat in Seven Kings, East London, wrapping the city in a protective and healing assemblage of shamanic visual codes, sourced from her birthplace in the Altai mountains of Central Asia, like a clear micro-thin layer of honey from the fourth aeon of representation (what she refers to as the meta-meta-model).

About the author

Herman U. Ticz, Ph.D. is the director of the Central Asian Psychoanalytic Institute, dividing his time between its twin ashrams in London and Almaty. He has pioneered research into the realisation of the human body through the technology of Unilectic Negotiation™. His minked and blinged out oriental lover sally deen is an international meta–model and hyperwood film star. Ticz is an enthusiastic exponent of Tailorite Tantricism and Vinology, a Knight of the Garter and is often followed by an admiring crowd of sisters, cousins and aunts, most of them imaginal and some of them cats (and all of them a Tablet).


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