'Perhaps, I'm afraid of losing 'Asia' all at once, if I speak of it. Or perhaps speaking of other cities, I have already lost it, little by little.' Calvino I. (1972)
We too are talking about this city as we may borrow it from Calvino, but through these imagined scenarios, we are all exhausting the city we would most like to speak about.  We found ourselves talking about these bizarre, mysterious, invisible cities that nobody has ever seen. And yet, we could not avoid the feeling that by talking about these imaginary places, we are describing in bits the place we all really think of.

Asia, being not a geographical landmark or a continent in this particular instance, is seen more as a place, the other, a eutopos, memory, or even a longing… but in a way as Calvino puts it '…you could wander through it in thought, become lost, stop and enjoy the cool air, or run off.' Calvino, I. (1971).

21 - 25 November 2008

The show presents 20 young international artists exploring the theme of Asia in formation through video, photography, performance and traditional media.

Nolias Gallery
(at the Thomas a Becket)
320 Old Kent Road
London SE1 5UE
Nearest Station: Elephant & Castle.

Buses: 453, 53

Private view: Friday, 21st November 2008, 6-10pm (live performance 8pm)
Open: Saturday - Tuesday: 12pm-8pm
Closing event: Tuesday, 25th November 2008, 6-10pm (live performance 8pm)

All events and films: admission free,

no booking required.

Other Asias film screening
Curated by Hamja Ahsan
Featuring Palestine Filmmakers
Collective and John Pilger on Vietnam.
Video Art and animation from Jihoi Lee,

Fatima Hussain, Helena Wee and more

28th November 2008:
Friday 7pm
Departure Centre,
649 Commercial Road,
London E14 7LW
Nearest Station: Limehouse DLR
and National Rail