REDO PAKISTAN is an open submission nomadic arts project, curated in the form of a newspaper stall that engages with the history, geography and currency of South Asia and the diaspora. The exhibition sites activates further chain of events such as performance, reading circles, symposiums, film screenings and radio shows.


REDO PAKISTAN invites artists and writers to envision imaginative and fictive solutions for the troubled nation. The project started as an exhibition in the Shanaakht festival (Pakistan’s largest contemporary arts festival) in April 2009. Due to the emergency conditions of production in Pakistan - which saw a wave of suicide bombings that month; and the shutdown of the festival due to a mob from the Pakistan People Party objecting to a controversial image of the late Benazir Bhutto in an adjacent display – the exhibition adopted the form of a newspaper at a stall. It has since travelled internationally to the UK (London), Pakistan (Lahore), Bangladesh (Chittagong) and USA (New York) – generating a production line of plays, film events and symposiums on its journey in relation in its new surrounding contexts and the themes and issues in the Newspaper.