SLICE sets side-by-side the psycho-geography of two of the world’s great cities. Its linearity interrogates both the map-making strategies of Colonialism and the processes of human migration. It also builds a symbolic bridge between the artists of two cultures, cultures that often find themselves in conflict. As well as enabling the creation of an exciting and socially engaged act of collaborative art, this 3907 mile line will also enable future connections, not only between participants, but between communities.

A line will be drawn from Lahore to London. The first mile of each end will be mapped out, creating a slice through the fabric of each city. This will be documented by ten artists from Lahore and ten from London, respectively. There is no limit to what form each act of documentation may take, as long as it can be viewed online. Artists from a wide variety of disciplines will be invited to take part.

The project will first be developed as a website which maps the artworks to the line. In conjunction with the two venues at each end of the line, innovative and interactive ways of showing the work would then be developed. Rather than show the website on a simple terminal we propose scale slices of each city, placed side by side, with which the audience can interact to trigger the digital works. We would also explore ways of encouraging people to explore the actual route of the slice using, for example, a map or an audio guide.

SLICE is a Pakistani-UK collaboration curated by Fatima Hussain (Other Asias) and (Scale), the collaborative arts project run by artists and theatre-makers Simon Daw and Paul Burgess.

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