Redo Pakistan in Lahore


2009 being the toughest year for Pakistan, May and June were by far the most challenging ones. The frequent suicide bombings in the public buildings, attack on the ISI headquarters in Lahore, explosion in the intercontinental hotel in Peshawar had left the Pakistani nation anxious and bewildered. ‘Art’ seemed like a luxury and ‘galleries’ a lavish resort.


Our past experience with the show and the current situation of the country led us to think of more urgent ways of getting across the idea of reforming the nation. It was impossible to think that people would even consider coming to the gallery to spend time with the works so carefully put together by the Envisioners. We decided to curate the show in the form of a newspaper and alter the role of the artist as a newspaper vendor.


The handing out of the newspaper to the audience took place in the gallery and outside. The show was much more accessible to the nation than it was ever before. It was well received by the public. The symposium in the gallery space highlighted this new role of the artist as the vendor, being the most urgent and contemporary, keeping in mind the political turmoil the country was facing.


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Event Information

Film Screening: Films by Ian Bob, Karim-ul Islam, Sunara Begum, Saif Osmani, Janis Rafailidou and Sana Arjumand in collaboration with Saima Ali.

8th June 2009: 6pm

9th June 2009: 5pm onwards

Performance event: 'Art Vendors' at the Alhamra Art Council, Lahore.

9th June 2009: 5pm onwards.

10th June 2009: 11am onwards. 

Symposium: Film Screening and Performance event will be followed by a Symposium on 'Redo Pakistan'. The panel includes Arfan Ghani, Kausar Jehan, Suroosh Irfani. The time is yet to be confirmed.

9th June: 6-8pm